National Tea Day, 21st April 2024

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How To Get Involved!

We are delighted to announce that for National Tea Day 2024 we will be working with award winning mosaic artist David Arnott to create an iconic art piece that will tell the story of the late her Majesty the Queen’s phenomenal reign, over 70 years. National Tea Day falls on Queen Elizabeth II birthday and this year we are getting the whole nation involved to celebrate the late Queen’s 100th birthday by creating a commemorative art piece, which will be auctioned.

1000’s of selfies of British Tea lover’s along with other mediums will be mosaicked together by David, to create an iconic art piece. The art work will then be taken on a tour around the country, to be initially unveiled in September. Ultimately the art piece will be auctioned in April 2025 with all proceeds being donated to support ladies in tea around the world.

You can also expect to see celebrities and our favourite British brands coming together to be part of this fabulously creative campaign.

Get involved by submitting your tea selfie and feature in an exciting, unique and contemporary art piece.