National Tea Day, 21st April 2024

21st April 2024

The Most British Day of The Year

As the proud founders of British National Tea Day back in 2015, we’d love to invite you to join us in this year’s celebrations. A day full of fun and festivities, something for you and your loved one, or all the family to participate in and enjoy, and in celebration of this year’s British National Tea Day, we have something super exciting to share with you…

Some inspiration for you..

1. Why not book yourself an Afternoon Tea Experience at one of our exquisite afternoon tea destinations across the UK

2. Why not gift yourself, or someone you know who has a growing love for tea, to a super special gift or Teatime experience from our on-line shop

3. This year, in celebration of all the wonderful ladies in tea – from those that have lovingly created it, to those that enjoy drinking it, treat them or yourself to our gorgeous Ladies Tea Collection


National Tea Day 2024 - Launching Ladies Tea Collection

A unique and beautiful collection. The Ladies Tea Collection, introduced in celebration of National Tea Day 2024, is an exciting assortment of truly unique and delicious teas from all over the world. Be part of this extremely exciting and purposeful movement.

As global leaders in tea, what better day that National Tea Day to launch this gorgeous collection, with 50% of all profits from being given back to improve the health and wellbeing of all the ladies involved in its creation.

Not only on this special day, but every day of the year, The Tea Group globally choose to reflect on the powerful role that women play in our society and the many challenges they have overcome. As a global leader and trusted facilitator of traditional, speciality and some of the world’s most rare and exclusive teas and Teatime experiences, we are proud to celebrate this day in a way that can truly make a difference not only to the ladies that drink it, but right back to the ladies that have lovingly grown and picked it too. 

National Tea Day hosts a multitude of luxury hospitality operators from around the world to our very own British Tea Garden in partnership with Visit Jersey

It’s a well-known fact the Britain is in love with tea, but did you know that we also grow tea on the British Isles? The Tea Group are delighted and proud to announce that in partnership with Jersey Fine Tea Co and Visit Jersey, will be hosting luxury hotels from across the UK, Asia, the Middle East and EU on National Tea Day 2024.

In celebration of Britain’s best loved day and this magnificent tea grown in the breath-taking gardens of our fabulous partners, Jersey Fine Tea. This exclusive experience will include a tour of the island and a visit to the the spectacular tea gardens, a truly unique opportunity for our guests to immerse themselves into the history of the beautiful island of Jersey, whilst also learning about the harvesting and sipping of Britain’s rarest of teas. 


Contemporary commemorative Art piece in memory of Queen Elizabeth II

National Tea Day falls on 21st April which also happens to be the late Queen Elizabeth II birthday. In 2024 we will creatively collate 1000’s of selfies of British Tea lover’s along with other mediums which will be mosaicked together by award winning artist David Arnott to create an iconic art piece. You can also expect to see celebrities and our favourite British brands coming together to be part of this fabulously creative campaign. The art work will then be taken on a tour around the country, to be initially unveiled in September. Ultimately the art piece will be auctioned in April 2025 ( the late Queen Elizabeth’s 100th Birthday ) with all proceeds being donated to support ladies in tea around the world in honour of the late Queen.


The Tea Shop Now Open

Ladies and gentlemen, our eagerly awaited Tea Shop is now open. Featuring an assortment of teatime experiences like no other. From tea created by our friend, Kate Moss, to tea grown in the UK. Explore our fabulous Tea Shop and delight your taste buds with our range of tea inspired by mountains, social enterprise tea, Japanese rare and exclusive teas, vintage aged Chinese teas and more…