21st April 2023

The Most British Day of The Year

Join with us and celebrate National Tea Day. Surely the most British day of the year! Every year the nation shares its love of tea through exciting events, fun and informative online content and of course, the quintessential British Afternoon Tea.
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British National Tea Day

National Tea Day 2023 is going to be one for the history books! We will be uniting as a nation to ‘raise a cuppa’ in celebration of our proud British Teatime heritage. We wish to come together in solidariTEA and share our huge love for tea as a nation. National Tea Day 2023 will also mark the first National Tea Day event since Her Majesty’s departure and with it being her birthday, we wish to celebrate with you, as we all know our Queen loved a good cup of tea.

Raising A Cuppa For The Late Her Majesty

As we all know, the Great British answer to everything is to “stick the kettle on” and make it all better. Therefore National Tea Day 2023 is about uniting the nation to ‘raise a cuppa’ together, in light of the last few challenging years. Here at National Tea Day HQ, we are extremely proud of our Great British Teatime. 2023 will bring together a number of iconic British brands, creating fun and exciting competitions and content to celebrate Teatime and all things British.
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Queen's Hat

Is It A Hat Or Cake?

Is it a cake or is it one of the Queen’s Hats? Across The United Kingdom, we will be partnering with hundreds of hotels and coffee shops who will be getting creative, making cakes replicable of one of the Queen’s many glorious hats. This means people all over the nation can get their hands on a delightful Queen’s hat cake to devour and join in the fun! This campaign celebrates how very stylish Queen Elizabeth II was. Get ready for a tasty treat near you and stay tuned for updates on where to find a Queen’s Hat Cake….

Going International!

British National Tea Day is going international in 2023! We figured, after 8 years of keeping British National Tea Day a domestic affair, its about time we go global and involve our valued hospitality partners and tea enthusiasts overseas. British National Tea Day 2023 is going off with a bang and this time we are super excited to venture off shore to share our wonderful love of tea with other tea-loving countries. We will be celebrating in solidariTEA overseas by raising a cuppa with our international friends in hospitali-tea! Watch this space to find out more about the quintessentially British and royally inspired experiences we will be creating with our wonderful partners around the world.
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